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Welcome to Crossroads Alternative Therapy! We are dedicated to helping you and your horses reach their fullest potential in the various equine disciplines. Rather you and your horse compete in the show pen from Western performance classes to English classes, ranch off your horse, run barrels, or just use your horse for leisurely trail rides we want your horse to be able to perform to its fullest and be in the best health possible. We recognize that while horses are animals they are also athletes in their own right and are just as susceptible to stress, injuries, and health/illnesses as humans are. Crossroads Equine Therapy began as a vision when Jamie Dickson saw the benefits of equine sports massage, Magna Wave PEMF (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field), Red Light Therapy, stretching techniques, equine kinesiology taping, magnetic therapy, infrared thermal effect therapy, and etc. on her own barrel and performance horses. The various therapies intrigued Jamie and her interest grew over the years that she herself opted to become a Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist in April of 2017. Jamie received her Level 1 Equine Biomechanics and Rehab Strategies CESMT Certification through Midwest Natural Healing for Animals which consisted of 90 hours of coursework three days of hands-on technique and practical assessments.

Jamie has used Magna Wave PEMF therapy over the years on her own horses and opted to add this service to her equine sports massage service after her young barrel mare sustained a fractured pelvis. Jamie has seen first-hand how PEMF an electrically charged magnetic field stimulate the cellular structure within the body to increases cellular metabolism by helping cells to utilize oxygen. PEMF also helps to reduce pain associated with lack of oxygen, improves circulation, reduce edema, increase the range of motion, and reduce injury time, while also being used as a preventative and maintenance therapy option. Jamie grew up with horses and has shown in both AQHA, APHA, EKHA, and open level shows primarily in the western discipline. Jamie primarily focuses her love for barrel racing and has competed successfully on the collegiate level in western horsemanship at Kansas State University and has competed locally and regionally in various Barrel Racing Associations and Rodeos. Jamie hopes to one day offer a fully operational equine therapy service to include water resistance rehabilitation and conditioning. Please feel free to reach out to Jamie with questions and what services she can provide and the benefits Magna Wave PEMF can have for your horse, small animal, and yourself!


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